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Thursday, July 17, 2008

All Aboard!

Are you planning on going to the Stitch N' Pitch game on August 24th?
Would you like to avoid the hassle of driving to the stadium, paying for parking, and then finding a parking spot?
If you answered "Yes", Tempe Yarn & Fiber has a soulution for you:  We've chartered a BUS!

Stitch N' Pitch is such a great event! We are looking forward to sitting with all of you to watch the game and represent our fiber arts. Can you even imagine how much fun we'll all have riding there and back together???

(For more info on Stitch N' Pitch, click here:
Stitch N' Pitch and here: Stitch N' Pitch official site)
Here are the details:

1) Bus tickets are $20 per person. This is in addition to the $15 charge for each baseball ticket. (The total cost to attend the game and ride the bus is $35.) Bus tickets will only be available to customers who have purchased their Stitch N' Pitch game tickets at TYF.

2) The bus will leave TYF at Noon sharp, so plan to be at the shop by 11:30 am. To save even more gas money, consider getting together with your fellow fiber friends and carpooling to TYF.

3) The bus will leave Chase Field at 4:30 pm. Plan to begin making your way to the bus at 4:00 pm, because the bus doors will be closing at 4:30 pm and anyone not on the bus at that time will be out of luck. (Even if the game goes into extra innings, the bus will still leave Chase Field at 4:30 pm.) The bus should arrive back at TYF at approximately 5:00 pm.

4) Seating on the bus is limited--first come, first served. Please don't wait as we expect the bus seats to go quickly.

Bus tickets will be on sale until 8:30 pm on August 12th (or until all seats are filled, whichever comes first).

5) The cost of the bus tickets is only refundable in the event that TYF cancels the charter bus. TYF reserves the right to cancel the bus if there are not enough bus tickets purchased. In this event, TYF will notify bus ticket holders by August 15th and will refund their bus ticket purchase price.

6) Stitch N' Pitch game tickets are not refundable for any reason.

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