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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bunnies, Eggs, Chicks and Candy Corn Patterns to Inspire the Season

New! the Woolly Bunnies are here! . . . just in time for Easter baskets & bunny lovers of all ages.

The Woolly Bunny pattern came to me quite suddenly actually, materializing before my very eyes. It obviously was meant to be. To my delight and surprise, I am sharing a new pattern with you so soon into the new year. The Woolly Bunny uses worsted weight yarn and size 10-1/2 double point needles. Each bunny measures after felting and being stuffed with fiberfill, about 4-1/2 inches long and high. I have a basketful of bunny samples to share with you. I have used a variety of yarn brands, hues, weights and even novelty yarns to satisfy every bunny-lover.
Woolly Eggs Knit up a dozen eggs just in time for Spring! No dyes. No mess. These felted eggs come in two sizes: a 3-inch medium and a 4-inch large. It's an easy pattern that inspires creativity. The pattern includes directions for embellishing with beads, buttons, needle felting and more.
Woolly Chicks Knit a few chicks to tuck inside your Spring time baskets. They are quick and easy to felt up, so plan on hatching a dozen or so. They lend themselves to needle felting polka dots all over their bodies or tiny flower bonnets to tie around their necks. They use sport weight yarn.

Woolly Candy Corn Now you can have a bowl of whimsical treats for every season without the additional calories! The over sized stuffed candy corn measures about 4-inches in height, after felting, using worsted weight yarn. A smaller sized candy corn is created by using sport weight yarn. The pattern includes color changes for Autumn, Christmas, Valentine's Day and Spring/Easter. Combine this pattern with Woolly Eggs to create a bowl of jelly beans and candy corn!

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