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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Books @ Tempe Yarn

True to the Japanese ideals of high-quality design and materials, Japanese Inspired Knits includes: 12 sweater patterns oriented around the months of the year, such as Sake and Soba, Summer in Tokyo, Rice Fields, Flower Buds, and Stone Garden.

Patterns featuring double knitting, domino knitting, shadow knitting, lace, cables, entrelac, intarsia, and stranded two-color knitting, all described in detail with clear text and illustrations. An illustrated glossary at the end of the book provides additional technical instruction needed for any project.

And Japanese ideographs that relate to themes that inspired the projects, a Japanese calendar, plus lush travel photography of Japan that will inspire any knitter.

If you're looking for innovative women's wear with new techniques for sweater design or how to gain insight on translating travel inspiration into beautiful knitwear, look no further than Japanese Inspired Knits.

Lightweight yarns have a bad reputation: slow to knit with, unfashionable, limited to socks and lace, and fussy to deal with. Give those skinny yarns another look! Projects knit with thin yarns can range from quick, easy, and daring to bold, elaborate, refined, and sophisticated. Perfect for all skill levels, the projects in Knit So Fine show that garments knitted with thin yarns fit more precisely, are more flattering to the figure, feel better against the skin, are great for layering, and offer more versatility for fashion elements like ruching, ruffles, gauzy layers, and drape.

Knit So Fine educates knitters about fine yarns: what they are, the many advantages of knitting with fine yarns, plus tips and techniques to make the knitting process more enjoyable. Knitters will also find stylish and contemporary patterns, including a drapy silk top, a supple zippered cable hoodie, a bamboo skirt with stunning drape, a bohus-inspired pullover, a wrap dress, a ruffled scarf, and much more! Discover the versatility of knitting with fine yarns, from quick knits and small projects to long-term projects that are worth the wait, with Knit So Fine.

Spin to Knit teaches you all the details about fibers, tools, and materials for getting started spinning, and offers a substantial selection of simple patterns for knitting with that fabulous yarn you've created all on your own. Don't want to spin a lot of yarn? No problem, you'll find lots of ideas for combining your precious handspun with commercial, mill-spun yarns or for accenting sweaters and accessories you already own..Urban spinner Shannon Okey, author of KnitGrrl, answers all your burning questions about spinning basics.

For instance, what fibers are good for close-to-the-skin projects, what's good for layering, and what on earth can you do with dog fur or recycled fabric? Find out the basic tools you need to get started spinning, whether you should begin with a drop spindle or a wheel, why "lumpy bumpy" yarn is your friend, ways to un-lump your yarn, and how to control singles, twist, and ply. Incorporating color in spinning is also introduced, from "dishwasher dyeing," to incorporating beads, thread, or other media into yarns for visual interest.

Self-patterning yarns - those that magically knit up into stripes, Fair Isle, graduated color bands, and zigzag patterns - are extremely popular but they can be expensive, and it can be difficult to find just the yarn you want. Yarns to Dye For presents an easy and fun way to make your own self-patterning yarn - no other book details this intriguing process.

Using the dyes for natural fibers that are available at most grocery and craft stores, you can create your own, one-of-a-kind patterns in commercial yarns or your own handspun. Previous dyeing experience is not required because the author guides you step-by-step through choosing your materials and equipment, skeining and preparing your yarn for dyeing, and painting the yarn. To practice your technique, there are 22 quick and simple projects - each presented with dyeing and knitting instructions - including fingerless gloves, mittens, a headband, a child's sweater, leg warmers, an adult vest, and much more! Also included are suggestions for modifying and embellishing projects as well as ideas for using your left-over yarn.

Dogs in Knits offers a collection of sweaters and blankets for dogs by expert knitwear designer Judith L. Swartz, who has created sweaters that dogs can "wear with dignity." It includes styles for all knitting skill levels, plus instructions for measuring dogs and sizing patterns correctly for a perfect fit. A must-have for dog lovers and passionate knitters alike.

Take a break from knitting fussy garments with complicated techniques. Instead, knit simple, beautiful designs with interesting details and silhouettes with Simple Style, a collection of 19 contemporary garments that celebrate stunning results without the intricate techniques.Following in the footsteps of Wrap Style, Scarf Style, Lace Style, and Bag Style, Simple Style features:Appealing projects from 16 renowned knitwear designers - including Pam Allen, Veronik Avery, Mags Kandis, Deborah Newton, and Vicki Square - ranging from pullovers, cardigans, vests, skirts, wraps, and more, all using simple design sensibility for maximum impact Beautiful, luscious lifestyle photographs Easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and thorough materials lists And a Design Notebook that covers ways to maximize style while simplifying knitting and finishing techniques.

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