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Friday, March 06, 2009

New Books to Enjoy

Pet Projects is simply irresistible. This collection of 33 adorable patterns is to knit for any pet and ranges for the beginner to the expert knitter. To be cherished by pet owners and crafters alike, this ingenious collection of 33 patterns, Pet Projects, has something for nearly every pet. Knitters will delight in making canine coats, collars and caps. Cats will curl up on the Mouse Mat throw rug or any of the cushions. The wide range of patterns in Pet Projects includes a horse blanket, flowers for a koi, a hamster house, and a hibernation tent for your turtle.

Make the yarn of your dreams! You can buy yarn anywhere, but spinners know that the best yarn is the kind you make for yourself. Start Spinning takes you from loose fiber to yarn made on a spindle and spinning wheel, with friendly advice and a sure hand at every step. Developed over two decades of teaching beginners, Maggie Casey's techniques and tidbits will have you creating delightful yarns to knit, weave, crochet and admire.

Elizabeth Zimmerman Books
Many knitters considered the designs in Elizabeth Zimmermann's Newsletters to be timeless; from her first Fair Isle issue in 1958, to the now classic Baby Surprise Jacket in 1968. Long time fans will welcome these old friends and new knitters may discover the freedom and creativity that Elizabeth's patterns encourage. Also includes 15 "new" articles and stories from Elizabeth's journals and notebooks. 42 designs, 38 different knitters contributed garments.

A basic book on knitting presented with wit and wisdom by a master instructor. Covers all the skills from casting on to more advanced lace, shoulder shaping, and complex patterns. These knitting techniques make even the most complex patterns easy. B/w photos throughout.

Make designs that are easy to follow, fun to work and full of common sense solutions to technical problems. Covers basic techniques in a witty readable prose that offers a number of ways to do such procedures as casting on and off, increasing and decreasing.

Make 20 cute animals from bats and bees to mermaids and gnomes.

Presents 60 expert finishing techniques that cover everything from increasing and decreasing seams, selvage edges, buttonholes and blocking, and decorative finishes. Includes step-by-step color illustrations, easy to read text and close up color photos of finished pieces. Convenient trim size is perfect to carry, and spiral format makes it easy to use.

Information on group knitting and history along with 20 projects.

Forty one-of-a-kind sweet, adorable knits for baby and beyond.

25 fashionable garments for all seasons along with information on how to adjust patterns for a perfect fit

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