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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Ready to Go!

It's been a fun week .

We've learned a lot about: our upgraded computer software (what do you mean you didn't back up the POS HTML screen), how to do inventory (we've counted this three times and still get different numbers), how to better work together (where did you say this went again), how to get things done (where does this fall on the priority list), how to eat more healthy (where is that cold pizza from last night), and how to play together (I think you just painted the bathroom door shut - where is Fred).

All joking aside, Terry's vision and drive, Candy's knowledge and practicality, Allari's willingness to tackle any project, Will and Tim's muscles and my good looks got us through the week.

We hope to you'll take a few minutes and stop by the shop this week and see what we've done to "your yarn shop."

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