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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wooly Gnome Dressed for Halloween

Here is the Wooly Gnome from Marie Mayhew Designs. This is the cute little gnome we all love.

However, with a little modification, it can turn into a Halloween Witch Gnome.

Here the gnome pattern is turned into a witch, the woolly witch. The body is knit the same, adding green for the face. The brim of the hat uses 2 strands of worsted weight yarn in the I-Cord Bind off, creating a wider brim after felting.

A big nose and chin is needle felted to the face, after felting, using matching green roving. The hair is black and purple worsted weight yarn sewn to the underside of the hat's brim. Then the yarn plies are pulled apart to give the hair a frizzy-look.

I embroidered the chain stitch around one of the boots to give it a striped look. I have also knitted stripes into the boots, but no photo of this.

The bats are cut out of black acrylic felt. Then attached to a strand of black 24-gauge wire and poked into the witch's hat. Happy Halloween!

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We also have the cute little Owl patterns....but again with a little extra
Here's the Owl with a scarf and glasses...just right for ASU Halloween.

We also have a wide selection of other Wooly patterns including: Wooly Birds, Wolly Nest & Eggs, Wolly Candy Corn, Harvest Pumpkin, Wolly Snowbaby, Wooly Snowman, Wooly Snowman Hats, Wooly Gingerbread Cookie, Victorian Stocking, Wooly Holiday Ornaments, Wooly Chick, Wooly Eggg, and Wooly Bunnies. To see more photos click here.

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