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Friday, December 11, 2009

TYF's December/January Charity Project
"Support At-Risk Students"

Tempe Yarn & Fiber’s social charity knitting/crochet group meets every Monday evening from 6 to 8 pm to continue making items for our ongoing charity (Ronald McDonald House), and to make items for a second, rotating charity that will change every two months.

For the months of December and January, Tempe Yarn & Fiber’s charity knitting will focus on knitting and crocheting hats for students attending Desiderata Alternative High School Program.

Why Desiderata?
An educator at Desiderata, who is also a TYF customer, explains:
“I am a staff member at Desiderata Alternative High School Program in Phoenix Union High School District. I want to make a real difference with the students I teach.

The Desiderata student population is deemed Emotionally Disabled and as such is uniquely deprived (socially, economically, academically, and medically) due to low socio-economic status and a corresponding deficit of early intervention by familial, medical, and educational resources.

Let me share why your involvement can make a positive impact in this unique environment. Our enrollment of about 120 students represents a handful of approximately 30,000 students in the Phoenix High School District. They are the ones who have not been successful at the comprehensive high school campuses and display symptoms such as aggression, withdrawal, self-destructive behavior, anxiety, depression, defiance, truancy, running away, addiction, and trouble with the law. Every school has children with degrees of these symptoms, but our children have not been able to effectively mature and cope within the norms of acceptable behavior necessary to succeed in the comprehensive campuses.

You can make a meaningful difference. Donations are used for incentives for the students. Incentives are a proven intervention to teach and strengthen new behaviors for successful young adults. Your donations will directly benefit individual students but will also have a positive impact on your community as students learn skills which make them more productive members of society.”

At the suggestion of Desiderata’s Principal, TYF will be donating hats knitted or crocheted in the school’s colors, so only pre-approved shades of purple and gray will be accepted. TYF has a selection of Cascade 220 Superwash and Universal Classic Worsted in Desiderata’s school colors, and we will be happy to help you select the yarn to use for your project. Please attach the yarn label to your hat before donating it, so the student who receives it will know its fiber content and washing instructions.

As the majority of the students are male, we would ask that you use a pattern that would be appropriate for either a young man or a young woman to wear. If you don’t have a favorite hat pattern already, TYF has free patterns available for you to use.

Our goal is to collect 120 hats by February 6th, that way each student will get one!!!

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