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Monday, April 19, 2010

Fibers In Time 2010 - Free Form Class

Well I am back home from the Fibers Through Time Event. I had so much fun. Even though I was an instructor (teaching Free Form Design) and working, it felt more like a vacation. I got to sit in a room with 11 new friends, play with yarn and dream up ways for them to use freeform. Then in between teaching the Federation fed me, cleaned my room (hotel staff) and let me shop. Yes, I confess, I had to shop too! Found a couple unusual items. Believe it or not, one was fiber.

I also entered the raffle because I spotted a couple of really cool baskets with handwoven items that were beautiful. There were so many prizes I thought for sure I would win. However, not so lucky, but a few o-t-h-e-r TYF people won items (read “whine”). Some even won two prizes!!!

Saturday night we had a lovely banquet and the guest speaker was extremely interesting. Between her talk & Rowena’s talk, I realized how important it is for us all to document in some manner our work. (Lot’s to think about.)

For me, this is one of the best Federation Events I have been to. Thank you to all the volunteers that worked so hard to bring it off!!!!!

Events like this just may yet get Arizona on the map as a Fiber Happening Place!!!!


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