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Monday, April 26, 2010


Stitches South Knitting Expo (sponsored by XRX - Knitter magazine) brings together instructors and students (over 800 people took classes at Stitches South), vendors (80+) and customers (there must have been a thousand people there), plus several fashion shows into a multi-day event. This year the event was held in Atlanta. It was a blast!

There were five people from TYF at this year's expo. Here are some photos:

Grand entrance to the Market.
The area where Stitches was held was HUGE. Here's a map showing part of the spaces.
Here's a photo of part of the market area.
If there is a fun time to be had, TYFérs will find a way to do it. Guess who?

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  1. darn i didn't see that one either! i would have loved to be in a photo like that!