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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bijou Basin Ranch Yak Products

Tempe Yarn & Fiber is proud to offer Bijou Basin Ranch products.

Established in 2005 (just like Tempe Yarn), Bijou Basin Ranch is a small family owned and run yak ranch located just outside the small town of Elbert on the open plains of the Colorado outback about 65 miles southeast of Denver, Colorado.

Their primary goal is to produce and sell premium yak fiber products such as rovings, yarn, and yarn blends. To do this they raise registered full blooded yaks that have superior glossy coats which are harvested annually. They also supplement the fiber they harvest from their yaks by buying quality yak fiber from other yak ranchers across the country and abroad. Their yak fiber is then processed into yarn at various mills across the country or abroad and sold under the Bijou Spun label.

Here are some of the products that we will be offering:

Bijou Spun 100% Yak Down Rovings

Unbelievably easy to spin! That's what beginning spinners have told us! These cleaned, de-haired and carded rovings draw like magic. Short staple length is no problem for this 100% pure Yak fiber. As a true wool, twist is easy to apply. Spin this luxurious fiber into luxurious yarns like you've always dreamed. Micron counts are 14 - 16 to make a truly soft yarn. Available in 1 oz. bags in both natural deep brown and natural cream colors.

Bijou Spun Bijou Bliss, 50/50 Yak/Cormo Wool Blend

The luxury and softness of 50% Pure Yak combined with the beauty of 50% American Cormo Wool make this a yarn that is unmatched for softness, hand and drape. Designers rave about the knittability and workability of this yarn. Our most affordable blend that is uncompromising in bringing you true Yak softness and quality at a great price. All natural colored fibers are blended to provide yarn colors that are either a heathered grey brown or a rich cream.

2oz (56 grams) provides 150 yards, 16 wpi or light worsted weight, No.4 -5 needles, 6 stitches per inch.

Bijou Spun Fingering Weight, 100% Yak Yarn
The best of pure Yak fiber in a very versatile yarn weight. This delightful yarn is available in a deep, natural brown or a creamy white both with a softness that is nothing short of incredible. This fingering weight yarn is 100 yards in 1 ounce skeins, enough to make a lovely hat or mittens or small scarf, it's light weight and easy warmth mean small yardage can go a very long way.

1oz (28 grams) provides 100 yards, 16 wpi or US Fine, #2, No. 2 - 4 needles, 7 stitches per inch.

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