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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Care 7" Charity Knitting Ends
You Guys Are GREAT!

We have the greatest and most giving customers in the world.
Below are a few of the items that they've made over the past couple months for Care 7.

We only hope that the caring and love that went into making these items are passed on to those who receive them.

Care 7 (City of Tempe Crisis Response Team) is a group of dedicated and professionally trained staff (city employees) and community members (volunteers) who provide 24 hour on-scene crisis intervention services in Tempe. Care 7 focuses on the emotional and practical needs of the family and/or individual in crisis while police and fire personnel attend to law enforcement, medical emergency and fire suppression needs.


  1. my work schedule interferes with the monday night group. do you have any other times available to come in and work on a project?

  2. Anytime that we are open we have opening knitting/crochet, Monday is simply the night that we focus on the monthly charity. We have groups in most nights and all day Saturday.

  3. awesome! i'll try to make it in on a saturday. then i can knit all day. :)

  4. I will start on a animal to bring in. I like this idea.