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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Books Arrive

From the initial spark of inspiration to the sewing of the last seam, this advanced manual to knitwear design provides knitters with the foundation to take their projects to the next level. The five exceptional projects demonstrate the level of uniqueness and beauty that can be achieved with these expert techniques and how to achieve the elusive “perfect fit” that defines a successful end product. Knitters will gain a clearer understanding of commercial pattern instructions, improve their attention to detail with a meaningful test swatch, and acquire a stronger knowledge of proper body and garment measurements.

An eclectic collection of more than 50 original gifts, decorations, and clothing pieces by top designers in the US and abroad, this book brings fresh ideas and new traditions to these special days and provides year-round inspiration for knitters of all levels. Projects include colorful ornaments, funky and classic Christmas stockings, sparkly ribbon scarves, a poncho and matching dog sweater, gift bags and a range of super-quick projects for the last-minute holiday rush!

Unleash your inner designer with top-down and improvisational techniques. 24 incredible patterns included, each with custom variations, this book is packed with styles fit for every wardrobe. Once you start flipping through the pages, you'll find so many stylish, classic garments that you'll want to knit and wear.

Over 600 weaves for four-shaft looms.

Learn to crochet, make a granny square. It's a simple formula that has held true for decades.
Crocheters love granny squares because the technique is simple to learn but the possibilities are endless. Vary the colors. Use the same colors but change their placement. Add unique images. Make the same square over and over but in different sizes. There is much to love about the classic square crochet motif. But if it's hip to make squares, imagine the coolness quotient of circles, stars, triangles, and hexagons. Beyond-the-Square Crochet Motifs introduces crocheters to more than 150 designs of every size and shape.

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