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Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Books Are In

Critters today are always on the go with projects in tow. With limited room in a tote bag, it's not easy to tote around reference materials, and unfortunately coming upon a problem in the middle or your child's soccer practice can bring everything to a halt. I feel this book is the perfect carry-along reference: compact and full of useful information for novice and advanced critter's alike. The diagrams are easy to understand and the explanations clear and concise. The book itself is sturdy, so will take lots of travel abuse. I found it to be quite useful.

Make your very own knockout accessories. If you love making heads turn with the “it” bag, funky scarf, or precious hat, then this book is for you. Innovative knitwear designer Laura Irwin presents designs for all kinds of knitted accessories that stand out from the crowd.
The patterns feature a variety of knitting techniques including felting, colorwork, lace and cables. But the show-stopping details in this collection come from incorporating non-knitting tools and techniques to transform craft into couture.

Snappy, stylish, fabulous, and fun; there's just something about a hand-knit hat that screams "attitude!" Now, with these 40 innovative patterns from renowned designer Cathy Carron, knitters can quickly and easily make one to express any mood, put the finishing touch on any outfit, and even change an entire look.

All the designs have unique twists of color or detail that make them stand out from the store-bought pack. The fashionable headgear includes a pearled headband, saucy beret, romantic flowered chapeau, and playful pink and purple earmuff hat that’s sure to please.

Color photographs accompany the instructions for each pattern, which come in both medium and large sizes.

Yarn yardage requirements for basic mittens, gloves, scarves, socks, hats, tams, vests, and sweaters at multiple sizes and multiple gauges.

How much yarn do you need? This leaflet contains specific yarn yardage requirements for eight of the most popular crocheted items—caps, scarves, ponchos, skirts, bags, afghans, sleeveless tops, and baby sweaters. The yardages given here are for working these projects in various sizes with five standard yarn weights, ranging from fingering to bulky. Keep this leaflet in your crochet bag and use it as a reference for all of your basic patterns—no longer will you need to guess how much yarn to purchase for a blanket to fit a crib, a cap to fit your uncle, a summer top to fit your best friend, or a large tote to hold your current project, no matter what size yarn you want to use.

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