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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Yumiko Alexander's book "Warm Earth"

As many of you know, Yumiko Alexander uses Tempe Yarn as her working studio.

It goes without saying that we are so proud of her upcoming first book, "Warm Earth."
While we don't have a firm release date, we are now taking pre-orders for "Warm Earth."

Her design goal is to create original pieces that cannot be found in stores. She especially likes combining knit and crochet to obtain interesting textures and fun combinations of fiber and color. You'll love the easy wearability and comfortable fit of Yumiko's projects. Her organic, free-flowing style complements many body types. Unique stitch patterns and earthy color combinations are flattering and stylish.


  1. Would she consider a special book signing for TYF customers?

  2. Not only are we having a special book signing...we are having a huge party!!!!

    Watch the blog, TYF News Letter, or store bulletin for more information as the plan develops. When Universal Yarn gives us an expected ship date...we will put the final plans on the BOOK SIGNING PARTY!!!!