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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jean Greenhowe's "Knitted Animals", "Toy Collection", "Jiffyknits"

Jean Greenhowe Designs are publishers of knitting pattern booklets for dolls and toys. These are great booklets.

First, in her collection is the Knitted Animals.

The Duck Family. The pattern is exactly the same for the adults and children. Double yarn is used for Mom and Pop and one strand for the Little Ones and the Hatching Chick. Isn’t he adorable? The ducks measure 13cm (5in) high, excluding the hats. The ducklings are 9.5cm (3¾in) high. Baby duckling measures 6cm (2⅜in) including the egg shell pieces.

The Frog Family enjoy a day out in the country, although father frog doesn’t seem to be having much luck with his fishing! Knitters will have fun discovering the unique construction of the frogs ‘toes’ and ‘fingers’. The adults measure 21cm (8¼in) in height. The children are 16cm (6¼in) high.

Knitted Animals booklet is full of great animals. Click here for more pictures.

Second, we have the Toy Collection where you'll find the Bunny Family, Dinosaurs and Stoneage People, Little Mena & Monsters, Octopus, Mascot or Toy, Grandpa and Grandma Humpty Dumpty, and Christmas Tree Trims.

Jean has included one of her favourite themes - with a Bunny Family. The set is another storybook picture where Jean made most of the props including the fireplace, armchair, trunk and even the tape measure which of course is accurate! Mummy and Daddy are 18cm (7in) high and Little Bunny 12cm (4¾in) including the ears.

Jean’s prehistoric world of Dinosaurs and Stoneage People is packed full of humour. The little cave people are only 4cm (1½in) high yet every one is an individual with a different facial expression. The slightest variation in the facial stitches can create different expressions of happiness, surprise, worry etc. There’s so much going on in this prehistoric land - dinosaurs and flying reptiles watch as cavemen dig their allotment, invent the wheel and play eggball (ancient football!)

The tiny bears in the Teddy Bears' Picnic are spending a lovely day in the sunshine. They measure just 10cm (4in) when standing and have movable arms and legs so they can stand up or sit down. The picnic cloth is spread with a feast of knitted cakes, sandwiches and lemonade.

For more pictures of the Toy Collection click here.

Finally we have "JIFFYKNITS."
This is a 28 page pattern booklet with sections on Foods, Easter Delights, Allsorts of Novelties, Haunted Halloween, Jungle Fun and A Merry Christmas - - all in one booklet. In the Fast Food section there are around thirty yummy knits for breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea. You could open a no-calorie cafe! Treat the children to a feast of mix and match knitted food - ideal for play groups and much nicer than the plastic variety.

Children will adore our Halloween favourites. Knit cute Black Cats (10 stitches, 17 rows), or comical Pumpkins (small size, 10 stitches, 37 rows), or tiny Toads (8 stitches, 14 rows). But I promise you will refuse to part with The Invisible Man. My family said I couldn’t do it but here he is ... or isn’t? Who would believe you could knit a dozen or so Halloween makes from simple garter stitch pieces? And can you resist The Mummy's Mummy with her designer handbag and chic hat? She’s a hoot!

There are 28 pages in this pattern booklet for more pictures click here.

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    wow they are cool as i was hope that my gran could make some of these because they are so cute!