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Thursday, July 08, 2010

What's a Knitwit?

I’ve often heard the term knitwit but never understood it. So in searching the web I found the following:

You’re a knitwit if:

  • your family thinks you need a knitters intervention.

  • a trip to the mall becomes a chorus of “I can make that!”

  • you arrive at the yarn shop first thing in the morning. (this one is okay by me).

  • you have a stash of yarn your husband/wife knows nothing about.

  • you ever knit while soaking in the tub (send pictures).

  • your first scarf was 10 feet long because you couldn’t remember how to bind off.

  • you’ve tried to use a mixer as a ball winder

These came from Pearl’s Knitwits.

Here’s one that I just thought up.

Your are a knitwit if:

  • you have to think about which to pay first your yarn bill or your rent and your rent is always late.

Comment back with other knitwit ifs and I'll add them to this.

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