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Monday, July 05, 2010

Yarn Binds Us Together

Who would have ever believed that something as simple and beautiful as yarn could bind together a group of strangers and allow a community to grow?

Since TYF opened in 2006 our community has grown and changed time and time again. Many good people have visited our shop, with some electing to become part of our community, while others have moved to different venues. We've watched people find their hidden talents. We've had community members die and heard stories of hundreds of new births. We've joked and told wild tales and shared fantasies. We've laughed and we've cried. We've seen good friends and relatives move to distant places. We've found comfort in each other’s wisdom and experience and shared our fears and weaknesses.

Our community is a welcoming place, with few rules. It exists because each of us invests a piece of ourselves into its health and well being and truly want it to be here. Through your continued support we plan on being here for years to come.

On this long holiday weekend, I'm happy that I'm part of this community and hope that each of you continue to be part of our community and help share this with others.

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