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Friday, September 24, 2010

Ice Cream Social Details

You know the Ice Cream Social is on October 2nd from noon till 4pm at Tempe Yarn & Fiber.

It's now time to share the full details of the Ice Cream Social. 

First, yes we'll have real ice cream. 

But equally as much fun, we'll be introducing Angelato Yarn Kits.  In addition to having the pre-packaged ice cream kits, on Ice Cream Social night (only), you'll be able to make your own kit by selecting the yarn and the beads!

What are Angelato Yarn Kits?  Read on....

Kit Ingredients:
Patterns: Each kit comes with 3 knitting patterns and 1 Crochet pattern. It also include a password that gives you access to additional beaded knitting and crochet patterns online that you can print and use in your projects.

Yarns: There are two flavors (weights) of yarn available in the kits.

Gelato Yarn: • 50% Chinese Tussah Silk / 50% Fine Merino Wool; • DK, Light Worsted   Weight; • No dye lot ~ each yarn cake is unique.

Sorbet Yarn: • 100% Heathered Wool; • Sock, Fingering Weight; • No dye lot ~ each yarn cake is unique.

Beads (toppings): The kits use size 6 TOHO brand, manufactured exclusively in Japan from the finest glass and dyes.  Each bead is made of premium glass and is uniform in size, shape, and finish with large holes so the yarn won't snag or fray. TOHO beads are known for their durable quality, precision, and overall consistency.


Needles: Big Eye Beading Needles are made from special, high-tensil stainless steel wire; the eye spans nearly the whole length of the needle, making it easy to thread the yarn through with no eye strain; the wire is very flexible so you can easily string beads onto the yarn from a tray of any size; length: 4.5 inches.

We'll have a large selection of the kits to choose from.

Here are just a few of the end products from the kits.

For more specifics check out her website.

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