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Saturday, September 18, 2010

October Classes & Events

We've added some new classes for October.

Variations on a Twill Weaving: This sampler project will introduce several twill variations based on different treadlings for a threading provided by the instructor. In the process of creating the sampler, class participants will learn to create and read drawdowns for centering weaving designs and determining ideal color changes in warp and weft.

Warp Once, Weave Different Fabrics: Warping the loom is the hard part. Why not just do it once and make several pieces that look totally different? Learn how to plan and weave different fabrics from just one threading. At the end of the workshop you will either have 2 different scarves from one warp, or many smaller samples showing how this technique works.

Plus all of regularly scheduled classes like: Learn to Knit, Knitting Help, Crochet Clinic, Adult Socks, Seaming Things Together, Let's Dye Yarn, Colro Conscience, Exploring Free Form, Make A Bucket Bag or Booga Bag, Spinning, Lace Sampler Scarf, Fixing Knitting Oops, Continental Knitting Clinic, Spinning Luxury Fibers, Fair Isle and Moebius Scarfs.

Here are the schedules for Classes and Events.

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