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Sunday, September 12, 2010

We Are Proud That These Folks Are Part of Tempe Yarn

We are very forturnate to have such high quality Instructors who share their skills and talents with the dozens and dozens of eager students each month. I wanted to personally thank each of our instructors for giving of themselves so others can learn knitting, crochet, spinning, weaving and dyeing. Through your efforts these skills will not die.

Bev is the grandmother that we all wish we had, but is so young of heart that she will feel more like a sister to you. She is a certified knitting instructor and has so much experience and patience that you'll love any class that you take from her. Besides being an engineer, Renee is TYF's crochet and lace instuctor (her sampler scarf pattern used in her lace class can be seen on display). Her attention to detail and her ability to make just about anything inspires others to follow in her footsteps.

Sam is many things at Tempe Yarn (enabler, cheerleader, coach and instructor). However, when it comes to colors she is our go to person. Sam teaches Color Conscience where you learn how to use colors to your best advantage.

While Michelle is a lover and teacher of weaving and color work, she has a passion for spinning (both drop spindle and wheel spinning). If you have a chance to take her spinning class you will learn an appreciation of spinning that will last a lifetime.

Barbara is a master of many skills (including spinning and lace work) with a focus on dyeing yarn and fiber. When she gets her dye pots going the colors that come out are wonderful. She is our Harry Potter professor of potions and a great instructor.

Jeanne is all things Fair Isle knitting. The pieces that she makes are flawless and her ability to teach others is amazing.

Finally, we have Terry. She is the jill-of-all-trades and often pinch hits for all or most of our other instructors. Her passion is spinning, weaving and of course knitting and crochet. So we have her doing "focus" classes for those who want/need that special attention that comes from one on one instruction. Currently the classes she is teaching beyond the focus includes: beginning weaving, sock knitting, fixing your mistakes (Oops), moebius and her favorite freeform.

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