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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Spin-Off & Knits from Interweave Just Arrived

The Winter 2010 issue is so full of fiber that if you snuggled up next to it, it will keep you warm. Open the pages and you'll find (images of) angora, qiviut, alpaca, and sheep's wool tucked into every available space, plus lots of great tips on how to spin these fibers. This year, we've included a six-page Natural Fiber Directory in the issue—this is a special section that you can pull out and take with you for reference when you're shopping for natural fiber. As a bonus, we included enlarged versions of the charts for the Qiviut Shawlette by Sandi Wiseheart on the back of the directory (the charts are also included with the pattern in the magazine). The pattern for the half-gloves shown on the cover is included in the handspun gallery, along with six versions of the half-gloves showing just the tip-of-the-iceberg of what can be done with the pattern if you vary the fiber, color, and/or grist of the yarn you use.

Warm your world with 27 projects that investigate yarn and fiber: “Of A Different Stripe” showcases experiments in color and texture; “The County” combines cables with bold silhouettes; “Come Together” explores how two or more yarns can work together; “We Love Socks” gathers clever socks and stockings; and “The Great Outdoors” combines fiber and fabric for true outerwear.

Get knitting!

Remember the $5.00 rebate on these Interweave magazines.

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