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Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Hugs for Japan"

Yumiko Alexander has created the "Dan Doh Scarf" pattern as a way to connect with her homeland and to help the Japanese people in their time of trouble. With our knitting, we can build a bridge connecting people around the world.

Check out more photos of the items that we've received.   

So far we've received items from:

Tempe, Az (lots of folks)
Anacortes, Wa
Lititz, Pa

We've all seen the pictures of the devastation in northern Japan over the past weeks.
As many of you know, Tempe Yarn has both past (Fred lived there) and present ties (Yumiko Alexander's home) to Japan, so we want to offer a helping hand to those in need.   With this said, knowing the big hearts that our customers have, it's time to get out the hooks and needles.

Most relief agencies are currently only accepting cash donations, and we encourage you to give if you want to help.  In addition, after talking with Yumiko, who has been in contact with her family in Japan, based on the level of damage, we believe that the need for help will still be high in the fall/winter of 2011.  

Our plans are to collect items from the list below between now and October 1, 2011.  At that time all items that we've collected will either be shipped or Yumiko will hand carry them to Japan.  The items will be distributed by a local organization to those who need them. 

Yumiko believes that the following items will be most helpful to the victims: a) small scarves/neck warmers (Yumiko is designing a pattern that will be available on-line as a free download at; b) fingerless gloves; c) legwarmers (even her parents and grandparents use these); d) any other small hand knitted or crocheted items.  

According to Yumiko many Japanese wear beige, gray, black, brown, white... natural colors for tops, but use any color (pink, purple, blue, green.....) for small accessories such as scarf and neck warmer.

Our friends in Japan will not expect hand made items but will greatly appreciate them.  So let's dig into our stash and get to work.  


  1. I met and talked with Yumiko at our shop, A Good Yarn, up here in Prescott AZ on Saturday, March 26th. Her request came from her heart and I felt the emotion deep within. I am going to ask our knitters and crocheters to help in any way they can. I'm also printing out your blog for the specifics. Thank you all so much for being our "go to" point here in Arizona.

  2. Anonymous3:15 AM


    I would love to contribute. What's the best way to get the knitted items to Japan? Is there an organisation I can send them to directly? Or should we send them to the East University Drive address?


  3. Hello Anonymous
    Tempe Yarn & Fiber is the collection point for all donated items for Yumiko's Hugs for Japan.
    You can mail them to us at 1415 E University Drive Ste A102 in Tempe, Az 85281

  4. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Can we also donate funds to help with shipping/baggage fees? If so, does it just get dropped off with our items at Tempe Yarn?

  5. In reply to the question about donating funds to help pay for the shipping costs, we can collect the money and pass it on to Yumiko.

  6. All
    We are working with an organization HeatSync to help fund shipping the items to Japan. If you go to their website ( you can make a cash donation easily. We won't be accepting actual donations at Tempe Yarn since this fund has been set up. Note: this organization not part of Tempe Yarn but we have full confidence in them and all donations will go 100% to the shipping of the Hugs for Japan items. Fred (6/18/11)