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Friday, April 08, 2011

Knitted Knockers

More than any other Community Project that we've done over the past five years, Knitted Knockers (which we had a hard time saying at first) have changed the lives of so many people.  This has left us with a real sense of pride.

We're proud of: 

- the wonderful ladies who have fought and won their battle against breast cancer and had the courage to share their stories with us.

- the ladies who came into the shop and picked out knockers to replace their silicone prosthetics.

- Jodie who made and donated the buttons for the nipples and stones for weights.

- the work that the Chandler Regional Hospital Cancer Center is doing to battle this disease.

- the way the Arizona Republic saw the benefit of this Community Project and helped us promote it statewide.

- Beryl Tsang of Toronto who wrote the pattern and is the founder of Tit Bits.

- but we're most proud of all of you who turned your knitting/crochet talents to making the Knockers.  It was your work that allowed lives to be changed.   

We don't have the final total, but we have over 100 Knockers!

While we are officially closing the Knitted Knockers Community Project, if you want to continue making them we will continue to collect them and periodically take them to the Cancer Center.

For the free patterns click here

THANKS to everyone involved in this Community Project.

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