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Friday, April 29, 2011

Mother's Day Special with Gwen Bortner Classes

In celebration of Mother's Day, we'd like to give everyone (you don’t have to be a mother to participate) a chance to take another Gwen Bortner class and save some money at the same time.  

If you sign up for one of Gwen Bortner's classes between April 30th and May 4th, we'll give you a 25% discount on any second class (of equal or lesser value).  For example, you sign up for Mosaic Knitting ($60), and then sign up for the Entrelac Basics class (a $60 value), the Entrelac Basics class will be only $45.
For those who signed up for any of Gwen's classes before April 30th and want to take another class, you will get a 40% discount on an additional class.  For example, you've already signed up for Entrelac Basics and want to take Mosaic Knitting, instead of $60 it would be $36. 

The above discounts only apply to one additional class and are not transferable to anyone else.

If you aren't interested in classes click here for some other suggestions.

Here are the classes that you have to choose from:

On May 5th, Thursday, from 5 to 8pm, she'll be holding Making Money from Your Hobby.  So often we dream of getting paid for doing what we love. But can you really make enough money to make it worthwhile. If so, how do you possibly get started in the industry? Get answers to these and many questions along with an overview of the MANY ways you can make money with your knit or crochet skills. Discussion will include the pros and cons of each type of endeavor, the basic skills required to be successful and tips for getting started off on the right foot. You probably won't get rich, but you may be able to pay for your hobby and really enjoy doing it!  This will be a lecture format (with Q&A's) with a cost of $30.  
On Friday, May 6th, from noon to 3pm, she'll be doing an Entrelac Basics workshop.  Have you always wanted to learn entrelac but thought it would be too hard. Whether a beginner or advanced knitter, this class is for you. During this class, each student will have the opportunity to knit a small project to gain hands on experience in the entrelac technique. Participants will learn the seamless entrelac technique and basic entrelac construction techniques. A discussion of other project possibilities will also be included.  This three hour class will be $60. 

Help & Tricks for the Intermediate Knitter will be held on Friday, May 6th from 5-8pm.So you have some knitting under your belt and you have arrived at that nebulous level of intermediate. How do you move on from intermediate to advanced? Do you have questions but have never quite found the right class to ask them? Are you sure the advanced knitters know something you don't? If so, this is the class for you. We will provide a variety of helps to helps to take you knitting to the next level and along the way provide some tricks that you may not have thought of yet. This three hour class will be $60.  

Unraveling the Mystery of Mosaic Knitting will be on Saturday, May 7th from 10:30-1:30.  Mosaic knitting, the result looks complex, but the knitting is simple once you understand the basics. The unique nature of this technique results in a specialized chart and options for stitches and colors. Students will be given the skills required and the opportunity to produce beautiful two color geometric patterns utilizing the mosaic technique. Possibilities for adding the unique two-color technique to knitting projects will also be discussed. This three hour class will be $60.

On Saturday, May 7th, from 5 to 8pm she'll be doing Entrelac: Beyond the BasicIf you understand the basics of entrelac, have completed a project or two and are ready to see what more the technique can offer, then this is the class for you. Learn an alternative method for starting entrelac that is completely invisible. Gain insights on creating a variety of shapes and forms with entrelac fabric. Explore techniques for creating integrated joins. All the while, gaining hands on experience and creating an oven mitt ready to be felted.  This three hours class will be $60.  

Finally, she'll be doing Two Right Sides - Double Knitting on Sunday, May 8th from 10:30-1:30pm. Double knit fabrics are often thought as one of the great mysteries of knitting. But reality is that there are only a few basics to get under your belt before you are ready to begin creating a double layer of fabric with two right sides. Learn the basics of two color double knitting including a simple cast on method, options for creating the fabric and a quick overview of working with color charts. This is just the tip of the iceberg of this fun and mysterious technique. This three hour class is $60.

Stop in or call to sign up.

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