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Monday, October 03, 2011

"Hugs for Japan" Scarves Are "Home" - - Thanks for Making This Possible

Yumiko reports, "I arrived in Japan and unlike Arizona, the weather here is already very cold.  The Hugs for Japan items will make a difference in how the people feel about themselves and give them warmth at the same time."

"I visited "Save Iwate" in Tohoku area where they had the Earthquake. "Save Iwate" is located at mountain side, so they didn't have Tsunami problem, but there are many victims who moved from Ocean side which had tsunami and Earthquake."

"The Hugs for Japan knitted items were already there when I arrived.  We opened the boxes together and put them on the table. The place looked very nice with all hand knitted items."

"People started to choose the scarves. They were so happy to see all hand knitted items."

"I spend time with them for 3 hours."
"I helped them to choose color.  Most of people told me that they like cheerful color, because the color make them feel better."
"The "Save Iwate" group here for providing thing that Victims need."

"I went to there mid-week. I got e-mail from the group on Friday and they told me that 75% of the scarves are already taken."


"With the help from the kind knitters and crocheters from across the United States, your kind gifts have touched so many people who have gone through so much loss and pain.  Thank you."
                                                                                                              Yumiko Alexander

Tempe Yarn & Fiber would like to add our thanks.  We saw so many thoughtful notes attached to the items that came into the shop.  Through your efforts we have made a difference.  Thanks!

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