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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kathy Canuel Trunk Show @ Tempe Yarn & Fiber

October 22 from noon to 4pm
"Being as fascinated by contrasts as I always have been, in the metals, the materials, and even the methods used to create jewelry itself, I think I've put my own yummy spin on the antique/vintage craft movement in my jewelry.  I've always thought it was so fun that I could use power tools, hammers, and torches to make things that were really delicate and truly beautiful, and never before in my more than 10 years of jewelry making have I had as much fun exploring those contrasts as I have in the latest line of pieces I've been producing at my little craft desk at home.  I'd have to describe my current style as modern/victorian/bohemian/bling, which will make sense as soon as you see what I've been making. But, again, because I love exploring contrast, even to my own natural style, I've also been producing some extremely modern, deceptively simple designs that those people wanting simpler jewelry will appreciate.  I have so much fun when I'm creating and I can't wait to share what I've made with you!"


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