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Monday, December 12, 2011

The Farm the End of the Road (update)

Local Sheep Fleece
available at Tempe Yarn from

The Farm at the End of the Road
Queen Creek, Arizona

Reservations are now being taken for fleece from a shearing on March 24, 2012.  If you want to purchase a fleece here's how to do it:

1) Check out the photos and descriptions below of the sheep and the fleeces that are available.  Whole or half fleeces may be purchased.  Please be aware that because of southern Arizona's heat we do not cover our sheep and there will be more veg than in jacketed sheep.

2) Tunis ewe fleeces generally shear 6-9 pounds; hogget fleeces somewhat less.  CVM fleeces generally shear 8-10 pounds, but all sorts of environmental conditions will impace the final weight.  Fleeces will sell off the sheep on shearing day at the farm and weighed at the un-skirted weight.  Facilities are available to rough skirt before you take it home.  Price will be $12/pound for Tunis and $15/pound for CVM UNSKIRTED on-site weigh, minus your paid $30 non-refundable deposit.

3) To reserve a fleece contact Tempe Yarn and Fiber at 480-557-9166.  The unpaid balance will be paid to The Farm at the End of the Road and is due on the day of shearing.  Deposit is forfeited if fleece is not paid for and picked up on shearing day.

4) After you've paid you deposit for your fleece at Tempe Yarn, you are welcome to come to the farm and see your fleece on the sheep on Farm Day (Saturday, December 3, 2011).  Directions will be provided to everyone who purchases a fleece shortly after Thanksgiving.  Please keep in mind that parking and facilities are limited, so if possible consider carpooling, and please no extra visitors other than immediate family members.  Our Farm Store may be open with roving and handmade crafts too. 

There are four of the original 11 fleece still remaining.  If you want to purchase a fleece please do it now as they are selling fast. Here are the ones remaining:
Cindy’s slightly darker oatmeal fleece was also sold as roving at Tempe Yarn and Fiber, Spring 2011.

Ginger is the leader of the ewes, and Thor’s special interest. Her fleece was sold as roving at
Tempe Yarn and Fiber during Spring 2011.

Goldilocks’s hogget fleece really is the lovely soft tan that shows in the photo. A triplet great-granddaughter of Ramses, himself a legendary fleece producer, we look forward to her passing along the stunning color to lambs of her own..

Sweet Caroline is a larger than average Tunis ewe that will, of course, sheer a larger than average fleece! Her particularly lively wool is on the lighter end of the color range, and has interesting longer tufts throughout.

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