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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Snowbirds Spotted!

It below 100 degrees and the weather is perfect for birdwatching.  In

 fact, our residential birdwatcher recently spotted a maple leaf "Snowbird." 

For those of you who aren't birdwatchers, Snowbirds are people from U.S. Northeast, Midwest or Canada who spend a portion of their winter in warmer locales such as Arizona.  

We love Snowbirds!  They are friendly, courteous, kind and most important they love to knit, crochet, weave and spin (our kind of people).  We are glad you are back and welcome you to our nest (shop).

What I'd like to do this year is see how many "Snowbirds" we can spot in the shop.  Then I'll put up a flag representing where they are from. 

So if you are a "Snowbird" be proud of it and tell us where you are from when you come into the shop. Then watch for your flag to appear below.

British Columbia



 New Jersey
New York

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