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Friday, March 02, 2012

Knit Happy Registration Is Now OPEN

What is the Knit Happy Club?

1) It's a members only club that will: a) explore techniques for improving your knitting skills, b) provide you with a free pattern a month, c) build community, d) provide creative activities to inspire you.   
2) To join the club you will pay a one time fee of $50 for a six month membership.
3) Club members will be able to participate in a Club Group monthly for a two hour club meeting*.
4) As a club member you will receive a Knit Happy tote bag at the first meeting.  Then at future meetings you'll have the opportunity to purchase other Knit Happy merchandise at a 10% discount. 
5) There will be a limited number of clubs running at a time with a limit of 12 members per club group.  
6) Membership registration is now OPEN. 
              * Club Groups will meet:
                         Thursday from 6-8 pm starting on March 22nd
                          Friday from 2-4 pm starting on March 23rd
                          Saturday from 12-2 pm starting on March 24th
                          Saturday from 6-8pm starting on March 24th

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