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Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Knocker a Month, That's All We Ask...

Q. How can you help change the life of someone who has had a mastectomy? 

A. In about couple hours you can knit up a Knitted Knocker*, which will be donated to the Chandler Regional Hospital Cancer Center.

If you are interested in helping, we would ask that you agree to commit to make one Knocker per month.  We've got a chart started at the shop and you can put your name on the list to commit to be part of helping mastectomy patients.  Be part of the solution!

For the free patterns click here

* What are Knitted Knockers?  Knitted prosthetic breasts for mastectomy patients. Sounds silly, doesn't it? Yet, when placed in a bra, these knitted breasts take the shape and feel of a real breast. They are lighter and more comfortable than silicone prosthetic breasts. The knitted fabric breathes and prevents the heat rash experienced by many women wearing the silicone ones. 


  1. Just a note that the crochet link is broken for me (I don't need it, I have my own pattern hehehe) - a question for you though... I've been trying to make contact with my local cancer center about donating my own to them. Is there a certain person to contact or should I just walk in straight off the street with a basket of boobs?

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  3. Cris, thanks for the heads up on the's fixed now. We contacted their PR department. Then we had to explain what we were talking about. But walking in with a basket of KK might work just as well. LOL