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Friday, December 21, 2012

Hugs for NYC Success

Just a quick update on the Hugs for NYC effort.  
The more than 350 items that many of you made were given out on 12/19 at a party in Rockaway.  
This made Christmas special for a lots kids. 
"The party was a grand success.  The organizer told me that the best part was watching the kids faces light up when we gave them a hat or a scarf or a hood.  The slippers and shawls and gloves were a big hit with the teachers, who will distribute the infant and toddler items to the younger children of the community.  Everyone was touched that strangers far away cared enough for them to make these lovely things!  Thank you all for your kindness and generosity." Barbara Standley

Despite events of the past week, hopefully this will put a smile on your face for a minute.  It did for the kids who attended.  

Many thanks for everyone who helped make these items and those who donated dollars to help pay for the shipping.

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