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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Intro to Hand Painting Yarns Class

Introduction to Hand Painted Dyeing Yarn & Fiber with Nancy

Sunday May 22nd 

In this class we will apply color to yarn or fibers. We will be using Jacquard Acid dyes and vinegar to dye animal fiber yarns or silk or superwash wool fibers.  All tools, dyes, and chemicals will be supplied.
The participant should purchase undyed yarn or fiber from Tempe Yarn and Fiber to use before the class starts.  Please select yarn that is already in skeins or wind it into a skein prior to class.  If you prefer to dye fiber, please select silk or superwash wool for the least risk of felting your fiber in the dyeing process. 
In this class participants will be hand painting the items and steaming them. We will talk a little bit about mixing colors, the dyes, the chemicals involved in dyeing and the handpainting technique itself. The remaining time will be spent actually putting color on yarn or fiber, and overachievers might be able to dye up to 4 to 6 hanks during the class time.
Participants need to purchase the following at TYF: Animal fiber yarn (wool, alpaca, etc) or silk or superwash wool fiber.
Participants need to bring the following supplies to class: Rubber gloves (like dishwashing gloves) Apron (if you have one, the instructor has disposable ones for this who don’t have their own) Paper towels, Old hand towel One large Ziploc bag for each skein of fiber you will be dyeing Pen and paper for notes Materials provided: Tools, dyes and chemicals needed to dye your yarn or fiber.
Call today to sign up (480) 557-9166

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