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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It's HOT!!!!

With potential record breaking heat today and the next few days, we are all looking for ways to stay cool! Want to do something more fun than lying on the couch with a fan on you??? Come hang out at Tempe Yarn and cool off with your fellow yarn friends. It's not only nice and cool at TYF but you can be around our friendly, helpful staff and surrounded by yummy yarns!! See you soon!!!

This is one of my favorite poems by Shel's hoping it makes you smile on such a hot day...

“It’s Hot”
by Shel Silverstein

It’s hot!
I can’t get cool,
I’ve drunk a quart of lemonade,
I think I’ll take my shoes off
And sit around in the shade.

It’s hot!
My back is sticky,
The sweat rolls down my chin.
I think I’ll take my clothes off
And sit around in my skin.

It’s hot!
I’ve tried with ‘lectric fans,
And pools and ice cream cones.
I think I’ll take my skin off
And sit around in my bones.

It’s still hot!

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