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Monday, November 03, 2014

Sign Up For Two or More of Sally Mellvilles Classes at TYF and Get a Gift Card

Sally Melville 
It's time to sign up for her farewell tour.

To help us fill the remaining seats and to give you a chance to experience 
working with this legend, we have a special deal. 
Sign up for more than one class and we will give you a gift card(s).  

Take TWO classes and get a $15 
Tempe Yarn & Arizona Yarn Gift card.

Take THREE classes and get a $30 
Tempe Yarn & Arizona Yarn Gift card.

Take FOUR classes and get a $45 
Tempe Yarn & Arizona Yarn Gift card.

Gift Cards can not be used for Sally Melville classes, but may be used for any product or future classes in either shop.

 This is a great chance to learn from one of the best.


DATE: Fri., Nov. 7, 2014 - 11:00-2:00

COST: $75
SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate

Stripes… oh so easy to knit! But who can wear them? The truth is that everyone can both knit and wear them. This workshop explores ways to build stripes, knit stripes, and match stripes. And then we’ll play with simple stitch patterns that knit like stripes but don’t look like stripes and can produce some of your favorite knitting.


DATE: Sat., Nov. 8, 2014 - 11:00-2:00
COST: $75

A knitter who spends the time and energy to make her own clothes should be rewarded with a result that makes her happy and proud. It should fit, it should flatter, and there should be no mystery as to how this happened. But sadly, and too often, this is not the result. Why? Because the knitter chooses the wrong pattern OR choose the right pattern but follows the directions without questioning them OR makes the right garment but wears it with the wrong thing.  There are a few simple rules to follow for successful knitting: start with styles that flatter, knit with appropriate decisions for a personalized fit, then wear it with something that makes it look wonderful! This workshop has a lot of hands-on work that looks at these decisions and puts the power for successful results into your competent hands. Yay! 


DATE: Sat., Nov. 8, 2014 - 3:00-6:00
COST: $75
SKILL LEVEL beginner intermediate and beyond.
(Very experienced knitters get a lot from this class, and so do newer knitters.) 

No matter how advanced and accomplished we are, there are habits or holes in our knitting repertoire. Perhaps we rely upon the same cast-on, the same increase, the same decrease; perhaps we are confounded by selvage stitches; perhaps we knit without the awareness that we have choices.
This workshop explores and explains the many techniques we should all have in our repertoire.  We'll talk about which are best suited to each situation and why, and we'll practice them all with lots of hands-on experience.

DATE: Sun., Nov. 9, 2014—3:00-6:00
COST: $75
SKILL LEVEL: beginner intermediate and beyond

Sometimes the most insight comes from the struggle one faces when something goes REALLY wrong.  But there are remedies for most any kind of 'disaster' in knitting.  Using these can turn a problem into a wearable garment while teaching us to be more intuitive and more confident knitters!

This workshop will discuss the problems that confront most knitters plus what to do if the garment is too wide, too short, too long, too narrow, too outdated in style, if a bad colour choice was made, if the edgings are not holding well, if the knitter has run out of yarn or forgot to make pockets, or if the garment has suffered a laundering disaster.


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