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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Share the Love 2.0

Arizona Yarn and Tempe Yarn are excited to introduce this very special program that will bring together fiber enthusiasts from both yarn stores.

Through Share the Love we hope you will give and receive products you love and develop some new friends to cherish along the way.

All members will receive a member number (shhh it’s a secret!) that you will put on all of the “gifts” you give. You will have a week to drop off your gifts and then a week to pick up your presents from your new mystery friend.

Each time you will have a new mystery friend assigned to you and will receive some information about them to guide you in the gift giving. So during this event you will have exchanged 2 gifts with 2 new friends.

Don’t worry about the “gift wrap” or the winding; we will package it up for you. At the end of this event we will be hosting a “meet and greet” party for all members so that you can meet your new friends in person.

Stop by one of the shops and get the details. 

The sign up for "Share the Love" is open till January 31st.

"It’s not just a yarn shop
         …it’s a community!"

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