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Friday, May 22, 2009

Family Tree of the Edefedd Tiggy-Winkles

"The Edefedd Tiggy-Winkles have long been the subject of muttered whisperings and speculations as to actually why the family was, as they say, "The 'way' they are!" To the current generation of Edefedd Tiggy-Winkles this attention is either rigorously avoided or exuberantly sought out. It simply depends on the tilt of their Tiggy-Winkle spines.

For my part I am quite pleased to be an Edefedd Tiggy-Winkle thank you very much. No, wait, I dare say, I am Proud to be an Edefedd Tiggy-Winkle! I have long wanted to write a true, accurate, and historical account of the Edefedd Tiggy-Winkles, but must confess, what with all that hibernating and shopping by night stuff, it's been slow to get the word out among the hedge rows. I have been able to gather some details as far back as Great-grandfather Woolstuck Edefedd Tiggy-Winkle and will share what I can for those who want to know. And for those of you who don't want to know - oh, hedgefarkle, just go sleep away the winter in your plain, blaugh little spineys! "

The imagination opens our mind to a world of possibilities that adds spice to our lives. Working with a yet unknown worldclass storyteller, Tim L., Tempe Yarn will over the next few months explore the family tree of the Edefedd Tiggy-Winkles. Bear with us as this strange tale unfolds knowing that the end result will be an adventure that leads to the sharing of Edefedd Tiggy-Winkle's family members with the children of the Ronald McDonald House.

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