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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Members of the Edefedd Tiggy-Winkles Famly Are Beginning to Arrive for the Family Reunion

While the Edefedd Tiggy-Winkles Family reunion isn't until October 31st, family members are beginning to arrive slowly. They will be staying at Tempe Yarn & Fiber until after the reunion when they will be donated to the children at the Ronald McDonald House. Check out the early arrivals:

The Pinko triplets are the children of Great Aunt Cash-a-mere and Great Uncle Kildare (who haven't arrived yet).

Great Aunt Prunella is shown recovering from a pruning accident.

Aunt Punkypoo and her husband, Uncle Joe, have arrived.

Uncle Joe

George Gee Anna is a distant relative who just recently appeared.
Her family ties are still being investigated.

For details about the hedgehog family reunion coming up in October click here

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