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Friday, July 09, 2010

How To Knit/Crochet & Stay Cool
When It's 112 Degrees

There is no way to get around the fact that it's HOT in the Valley of the Sun now.

But we are smart people so here are some ways to be able to enjoy your craft while staying cool.

#1: Knit under water. Warning this could cause felting.

#2: Add cooling fans to your needles or hooks. These are small and very portable.
#3: Have a large block of ice delivered and climb on top to knit.

#4: Look for a cool public place to knit or crochet.
#5: Take advantage of the cool water in your pool.
#6: Go the distance and jump to new heights where it's really cold.
#7: However, in our opinion the coolest place is at Tempe Yarn & Fiber.

So you select where you want to stay cool on the hot summer days.

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