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Friday, January 07, 2011

Cookie A,, Marianne Isager and More Books

Knit. Sock. Love.
Sock designer extraordinaire Cookie A chronicles her love affair with sock knitting and explores different methods to pattern socks by examining their underlying structure. Nineteen patterns ranging from simply chic to astonishingly intricate are arranged into three sections: Columns, Tessellations and Diagonals. Among the projects are Pointelle, a pattern which features diagonal lace lines over an arrowhead lace background, and Wedge, an ingenious use of garter stitch short rows and stockinette bands that will have you marveling at its simplicity. These rich and seemingly complex patterns are broken down step by step into bite-size components that are easy to digest. Illustrations, diagrams and charts accompany each project, offering an invaluable guide for visual knitters.

Classic Knits
This timeless collection of knitwear designs from Danish designer Marianne Isager is a stitch technique guide and a gallery of design inspiration in one book. "Classic Knits" features 25 traditional, appealing projects worked in basic knit and purl stitch patterns, each with a distinctive design element typical of Marianne's style, be it an interesting combination of yarns, a clever use of stitch pattern, or an unusual form of construction. Choose the knitting technique you'd like to learn-entrelac, color stranding, double knitting, slip stitch, herringbone, and more - and apply them to your design by first practicing with a gauge swatch. When the swatch is knitted to the correct gauge and the same size as shown in the book, the garment will match the measurements listed in the pattern. Many of the garments in this book are based on simple knit-purl pattern stitches. None require extensive knitting experience. You only need to know how to cast on, knit, and bind off to successfully complete any project in this book. All other information is provided in sidebars and the Glossary. Many knitters have trouble with the finishing process. For that reason, the garments have been designed to require as little finishing as possible. Several of the garments are worked from the top down, so it's easy to add or remove rows to customize the lengths.

Spinners Companion
This is the perfect little book of facts and hints to keep in your spinning basket and learn from. It touches on a plethora of facts and lore that you know you’ve seen, but in which book? It is published by Spin-Off magazine, so you know you’re in good hands. Spinning wheels, drop spindles, fiber handling, yarn handling, charts and tables, some new ideas and discoveries are the content. The format is a small spiral bound, sturdy book printed on heavy paper. Take it to a spinning bee. Your fellow spinners will like it too.

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